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session 1

Edmond Safdie hall (in Hebrew, translation to English and Arabic)

08:45-09:00: Opening remarks (University president, Haifa city representative, Head of Charney School of Marine Sciences)

09:00-10:00 Bringing the sea to the classroom

  1. Erez Garty (Davidson Institute) – Bringing science through the back door.

  2. Yossi Hyams, Omer Preter and Yael Elnatan (Community High School, Haifa) – Establishing the high-school and marine “major” at Bat Galim – “magic, insights, difficulties and a look to the horizon”

  3. Yossi Elran (Davidson Institute)  – innovation in science education


10:00-10:15 Deep Dive – introducing the ME-SEA teams (movie by Dani Williamson, Erez Garty and Hadar Elyashiv)


10:15-10:30 Deep Dive – vision (Tali Treibitz, Michel Platnic and Tamar Tenenbaum)


10:30-11:00 Coffee break

11:00-12:30 Bringing the classroom to the sea

  1. Yochai Palzur (Head of Sea Authority, City of Haifa) – The sailing boat as a classroom

  2. Dror Angel (University of Haifa) – “Jellyfish, LTD” – citizen science and using jellyfish as a way to expose the public to marine life and the marine environment

  3. Reuven Yosef (Ben Gurion University, Rabin School, Eilat) – Bringing scientific research (in the Red Sea) to high school students

  4. Noa Shenkar (TAU) -  Discovering the sea – social involvement as a learning tool in academia

  5. Rafi Yaabetz and Tamar Shemesh (Ramot Yam high School – Michmoret)– 10th grade research projects


12:30-12:45 Deep Dive – sound (Naama Charit-Yaari, Maayan Tsadka and Vered Shapiro)


12:45-13:30 Lunch


13:30-14:00 – Flash talks (Edmond Safdie hall - 5 minutes each): Tal Nachshonov, Oshrat Ben Hamu, Faraj Srour and Neomi Maggeni, Miki Kesari – Man and Sea contest, Christien Laber – Making the music of science, Tomer Baruch – sea animals and synthesizers.

14:00-15:30 – Parallel activities: “Non-poster session”, video and sound art, Ocean Time - cabinet of curiosities, lecture on navigation before the GPS, tours of the Charney School of Marine Sciences.







15:30-15:45 Deep Dive – Communication (Tal Luzzatto-Knaan, Lior Ben-Gai and Tamar Gorka Keliner)


15:45-17:15 Seeing, hearing, feeling and creating the sea

  1. Lisa Bourla (University of Pennsylvania) -  On Cabinets of curiosity

  2. Abed Azab )Eco-ocean) - Sea in Arabic Culture - From Romanticism to Reality

  3. Udi Edelman + Avital Barak (Holon Center for Digital Art) – Visual Atlas of Mediterranean water-crises

  4. Isabel Rivera  (Scripps, remote) – "Yo protesto": the Nueva Trova as history and Archaeology as resistance

  5. Jerri Bartholomew (Oregon State University, remote) – Weapons of Microdestruction: Using art and music to understand parasite ecology


17:15-17:45 Coffee break


17:45-18:25 – Molly Bang (artist and author, Woods Hole) + Penny Chisholm (MIT) - Ocean Cycles and Ocean Life in Children’s Picture Books: A Conversation


18:25-19:00 - Manu Prakash (Stanford University) - TBD




20:30-22:00 - Evening tour of the Haifa coastline – when the city meets the sea (early registration required)

session 2

Edmond Safdie hall (in Hebrew, translation to English and Arabic)

session 3

Interdisciplinary active session (Edmond Safdie hall, Charney School of Marine Sciences)

session 4

Edmond Safdie hall (in English, translation to Hebrew and Arabic)

session 5

Plenary talks - Edmond Safdie hall (in English, translation to Hebrew and Arabic)

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